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WizLab responsive website WizLab responsive website WizLab responsive website WizLab responsive website


Logos and responsive website

Finally my collaborator Wiz has decided to stop being asocial and to publish a website about his eclectic skills and work projects.

The chosen colors are those classically connected to "IT hacking": the black and green of phosphorus displays, just elighten by a hint of white. The structure is strict and razional looking, contents are very synthetic and straightforward.

The logo is been explicitly designed to be strongly minimalistic, in a bold font paired with a vigorous drop caps that refers abstractly to electricity.

The identical drop caps charachterizes the secondary logo too, linking the "Wbot" educational robotics project directly to the main logo.
Here the "W" letter is paired with a "digital" style font to symbolize the union and co-existence of analogic and digital, hardware and software.

Main Logo

Year: 2016

"Wbot" project logo

Year: 2016

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