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Sochitel UK Ltd responsive website Sochitel UK Ltd  Google Forms layout Sochitel UK Ltd Powerpoint slides graphiclayout Sochitel UK Ltd Xmas card

Sochitel UK Ltd

Responsive website

Sochitel Ltd is a multicultural agency, operating worldwide but based in London, that operates in overseas money transfers (mainly airtime top ups and mobile money).

The apparel of the responsive website, new supports and communication design match well with the existing corporate image, in a perspective of strong corporate identity through color.

The wesite was decommissioned in 2022 for transitioning to the new partner's technology, (IDT Group, USA), which allows internal management using pre-existing company software.

Google Forms Questionnaire layout

Year: 2016

Powerpoint slides graphic layout

Year: 2016

Xmas card

Year: 2016

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