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OverSeas (UK)

Logo restyling, website responsive, image and communication

Overseas TopUp is a site owned by Sochitel UK Ltd that offers multi-operator and multi-currency international telephone top-ups .

The main target users are the african diaspora communities living in the UK .

The logo has recently been redesigned to facilitate the introduction of multiple services under the same brand: greater prominance is been given to brand name "OverSeas " and less to the service name, making possible to change the secondary color into a characteristic one for each service.

The rest of the corporate identity has been kept as before.
( » here the link to some materials with the old logo )

Over time, various promotional supports have been created, including some cards, merchandising and an advertising campaign on public transport in London (bus).

Logo restyling

Year: 2017

London bus adv

Year: 2018

Oyster sleeve and examples of slip for phisical card

Year: 2017

Portfolio websites and graphics - some works

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